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This tour combines the "Whale Shark tour" with "Sea lions and Balandra", so, besides swimming with whale sharks you will also:

Visit the "San Rafaelito" islet and snorkel with sea lions, coral reef and the vast underwater life around them.

​Meet "La Gaviota" Island, home of the Blue-footed booby (season: Aug-Nov) and other endemic birds.

Finally, we'll arrive at one of Mexico's most beautiful and pristine beaches, Balandra. Where lunch will be served and you'll have time to be on the beach for a while or even have a small hike around.

*From June to August the snorkeling with sea lions is not permitted due to the mating season so we change the spot to an area with coral reef and underwater life.



  • Approx. 6 hours tour with food and beverages: Fish ceviche, burritos, fruit, snacks, soda, beverages and beer. If you need any special dietlet us know (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.). All fresh made

  • Good snorkeling gear and wetsuits (shorty 3mm)

  • Gopro pictures and video of your tour (the quality will depend on the conditions of the day)

  • Marine biologist as guide and certified captain

  • Federal licence for entering this Natural Protected Area

  • Traveler's insurance

  • For your own safety this activity is restricted for people with back, heart or respiratory problems and advanced pregnancy.

Balandra drone view
Whale shark and boat tour
Balandra beach waters
Swimming with a whale shark
Sea lions
San Rafaelito
Balandra beach
Coral reef
Sea lion
Snorkeling with sea lions
San Rafaelito islet
Blue footed booby
Sea lions

$180USD or
per person

Price for shared tour on small groups, max. 9 people per boat.
On private tours up to 14

Please consider the following information:
This is a very special tour since La Paz is one of the only spots in the world where we can enjoy the whale sharks in a sustainable and conscious way, that's why the Government has several rules in order to protect them.
The whale shark area is restricted to only 14 boats at the time, thus we get turns assigned every day. On average, we get the turn we requested 95% of the time, but some times we get a later turn on the day, or in a worst case, we don't get a turn at all (this is very unlikely, the last season this happened only on 2 tours out of 200+) so we ask you kindly to be reachable on your phone or email that you provided us because in any of this cases we need to inform you the day before, that is when we know which turn we got.

We check the forecast daily, so in case of bad weather we will let you know 2-3 days in advance. Strong winds can cause moderate or big waves, in some cases we can still go out but the ride will be choppy, and on harsher days, the Bay may be officially closed for any boat tours.

Due to Federal regulations freediving is not allowed during whale shark tours, only snorkeling in the surface.
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