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Important info

  • Don't forget: Towel, hoodie (december-march), sunscreen, comfortable clothes and camera (optional).
  • All of our staff counts with first aid certification and every boat with the correspondant safety equipment and liability insurance.
  • The snorkeling activity of every tour requires good physical conditions, if you have a medical situation we beg you to inform us.
  • Due to the federal safety regulation, individuals with the following conditions are not allowed to go on any boat: column, neck or respiratory problems and advanced pregnancy.


Private or shared?

In both options we will make the tour unforgetable. But we offer these two options for every kind needs: if you want the boat just for you and your group and also want to make special requests, then the private tour is your option. On the shared tour you will share the boat with other guests, the groups are 9 people maximum.
About the weather
We will make sure that the conditions are optimal before doing any tour. There are a few days of the year (mostly in winter) when the wind is very strong and the harbor is closed for any activity, if that is the case, we will get in touch with you to see which other day you can do the tour you had scheduled.
We can know almost for sure, what the weather will be only one week in advance using the forecast. If you are planning your trip with more anticipation, we strongly suggest you to have 1 or 2 more days available around the city so we can re-schedule your tour in case of bad weather.
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