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Probably the most iconic spot in La Paz, Espíritu Santo Island a world heritage, is renowned by its beautiful beaches, wildlife, rock formations and great historic value, this spot is located 1.5 hr from the marina where we depart.

Highlights of the tour: Sea lions colony, coral reef, rock formations, really beautiful beaches, walking trail and birds sightseeing. Want to know the details? Come and experience it!

*From June to August the snorkeling with sea lions is not permitted due to the mating season so we change the spot to an area with coral reef and underwater life.


  • 7 hours tour with food and beverages: Fish ceviche, burritos, fruit, snacks, soda, beverages and beer. If you need any special diet let us know (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.). All fresh made

  • Good snorkeling gear and wetsuits

  • Pictures and video of your tour

  • Certified guide and captain

  • Federal licence for entering this Natural Protected Area

  • Traveler's insurance

  • For your own safety this activity is restricted for people with back, heart or respiratory problems and advanced pregnancy.

$125USD or
per person

Price for shared tour on small groups, max.10 people per boat.
On private tours up to 14

Espiritu santo island
Espiritu santo island
Espiritu santo island
Espiritu santo island
Espiritu santo island
Espiritu santo island
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