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TripOutside's Adventure with MéXplore: Snorkeling with Purpose in La Paz

Recently, MéXplore had the pleasure of welcoming the team from TripOutside to La Paz for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure with the majestic whale sharks that grace our waters.

Why This Visit Was Special

TripOutside isn’t just any group of adventurers. They’re like minded outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for conservation who handpick outdoor adventures that align with their conservation values and respect for nature. 

A Shared Commitment to Conservation

What sets this experience apart was not only the opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks, but also the shared commitment to the environmental conservation that we discussed before diving in. The team was eager to learn about the efforts behind whale shark conservation in La Paz and the importance of eco-conscious tourism. 

These conversations are important, and aligned with our focus to transform a regular snorkeling outing into an eco-friendly adventure that benefits the environment, whale sharks, and the adventurers themselves, who gain a greater appreciation for the incredible marine life of the Sea of Cortez.

TripOutside’s Adventure with MéXplore

The TripOutside team has captured the highlights of their adventure with us in a fantastic blog post. They go into not only the thrill of swimming with whale sharks, but also the critical conservation efforts that make such experiences possible.  They show that eco-conscious adventures like these can be extraordinary for participants and help wildlife at the same time.

A huge thank you to TripOutside for choosing to explore with us and for sharing their journey. To our fellow ocean lovers and adventurers: the sea is calling.  MéXplore is here to guide you through the incredible experiences that La Paz has to offer, from snorkeling with whale sharks to discovering the rich marine life of the Sea of Cortez. Our commitment to conservation and a personal approach to our tours ensures that your adventure will be as enriching as it is exciting.

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